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Trevor Cochran

Trevor G. Cochran
MA Ed.

After experiencing a significant life change, I was introduced to Les by a close friend. With Les as my coach, we began a journey of discovery that went far beyond what I had expected. What started with an exploration of the immediate challenges I found myself facing soon evolved into several personal revelations that helped me to better understand the internal voices that have held me back in other facets of my life. Working with Les allowed me to peel back the layers to reveal the constraints such voices can place on my present and future and to see the opportunities that arise when I confront the past and truly let go of the things that have festered for so long. His guidance and coaching has done so much to lift the burdens of the past and has helped to see all the value that lies within me. He has empowered me to take greater control over those things I can control, to recognize those things in life over which I have no control, and to be more in harmony with my life.