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Jeffrey Sawyer
Jeffrey B. Sawyer, MD, ABNP, ABIM
Medical Director of Psychiatry and Integrative Care
North Memorial Health Care

Les Hill is an extraordinary coach both for executives looking to create the next level of breakthrough for themselves or their organization or the individual. I have personally worked with Les who exemplifies high integrity and an ability to hold others to account for how they show up and the results they are producing in a powerful yet respectful style. As a result of the work I have done with Les I was able to take on a large accountability in a small health care system and become willing to breakthrough what was in the way of me taking on that accountability and to stand for what’s possible in the face of the usual resistance and red tape that one finds in these circumstances. If you are up for expanding the difference you make and breaking through what’s in the way for you to do that than Les Hill is the coach for you.